The Start Delay workflow option is now generally available. This feature is particularly useful for scheduling a Workflow to execute in the future, with a single execution, as opposed to recurring Workflows that use Schedules.

Key Details:

  • Scheduling Execution: The Start Delay option allows you to delay the dispatch of the initial Workflow Execution. This is set in the Workflow Options field of the SDK of your choice.

  • Signal Handling:

    • If the Workflow receives a Signal-With-Start during the delay, a Workflow Task is dispatched, and the remaining delay is bypassed.

    • If the Workflow receives a Signal that is not a Signal-With-Start during the delay, it is ignored, and the Workflow continues to be delayed until the delay expires or a Signal-With-Start is received.

This feature provides more flexibility in managing Workflow execution timing, ensuring that future executions can be precisely scheduled and managed.