Temporal Cloud

Deploy a Temporal Service today, without hassle, and with peace of mind.

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Temporal Cloud is a fundamentally better experience.

Don't just rent a service.

Global Utility

In just a few clicks, you get a reliable service backed by a guarantee and at considerably less cost than you can get by self hosting.

Automation + Scale

Temporal Cloud implements a unique tech that allows you to automate operational tasks and scale well beyond self-hosted.

Temporal Expertise

Built, managed and supported by the originators and developers of the project, so you can simply consume an optimal experience.

Temporal at the "right" scale

Grow over time so you can avoid over-provisioning for the future and deal with spiky workloads. Temporal Cloud can also scale well beyond 100B actions/month.

cloud scale graphic

Always-on, and instantly available

You can start today with Temporal Cloud and get a namespace on demand that provides 99.99% availability and 99.9% guarantee against service errors.

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No ops: Simplify your deployment

Temporal Cloud is always up to date and it eliminates complex deployment and optimization tasks. You'll have no need to hire resources to manage the service.

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Secure, out of the box

With Temporal Cloud, the service is delivered with comprehensive, audited security by default. Encrypt your data in motion, at rest and within your workflow.  

Temporal Cloud is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant.


Simple, transparent, consumption-based pricing

Consumption based pricing allows you to start at zero and then pay for only the resources you need.

Pay for only what you need

Consumption pricing starts at $25 per 1M Actions*

An action is an Event that occurs as part of an execution of your Workflow. These include: Workflow, Activities, Signals, Timers, Heartbeats, Queries

+$200/month support fee per account

Temporal Cloud: bigger, better, faster than self-hosted

Avoid the complexity and operational overhead of self-hosted and obtain a complete service that can scale further than self-hosted and is secure out of the box.


Deploying a self-hosted instance of Temporal involves a complex tech stack and operations resources. Temporal Cloud provides all of this at a fraction of the cost.

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Risk-free migration

Temporal Cloud and a self-hosted instance are compatible so that you can migrate from one to another without risk.

Open source, automatically up to date

Temporal Cloud delivers the same open-source project that you could run yourself, but it's always up-to-date and optimized.

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MIT license. Developed in the open.

Support beyond break/fix

Backed by the inventors and major contributors to the Temporal project, our support team is there to help when there are issues, but also help you optimize your Temporal service.

Technical Onboarding

Custom setup and namespace planning session with our experts to help you get started.

Production Optimization

Dedicated session delivers best practices and app design assistance.

Design Reviews

Review sessions inspect your system design and optimize your Workflows and Workers.