Temporal Cloud Pricing

Pay for what you use

The cost of Temporal Cloud is directly aligned with how your application benefits from durable execution.


1,000,000 actions = $25.00

Actions are the smallest units of reliable "durable execution" that make up your Workflows. Actions are collected and billed monthly for each Namespace.

Additional discounts are offered up to 70% with higher volume usage and credits purchase.


Active Storage: $0.042/GBhr

Retained Storage: $0.00042/GBhr

Active Storage is the Event History size of your running Workflows, and Retained Storage is the size of your closed Workflows during their retention period.

Support and services

Basic Support: $200/month

Premium Support: $2,000/month

Gain access to our support organization of developer success engineers and solution architects.

For a full description, see our pricing details.

Note: There may be additional cost for optional SSO/SAML capabilities.

Pricing Details

Are you an early-stage startup?

Get started with $2,400 free Temporal Cloud credits.

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How complex is your Workflow? How many Actions for each execution?



How many times each month will your Workflow be initiated or interacted with?



How long will it take an execution of your Workflow to complete? (assumes an active Workflow size of 10k of accumulated data)



What type of support and response times do you need?


What's your estimated monthly cost?

Use our simple cost calculator to help you estimate your monthly costs for Temporal Cloud.

Total Estimated Cost


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Your project. Your numbers.

Every project is different. Our team is happy to help you estimate your Actions and duration needs both today and when you get to production.

A commitment to your success

With your subscription, you also get world-class services to help you onboard, migrate, tune, and reduce the cost of your Workflows on Temporal Cloud.

Technical onboarding

Get you up and running quickly on your Namespace

Design reviews

Inspect and optimize your Temporal code

Production readiness

Ensure you are ready to go live at the right scale

Cost & performance optimization

Identify performance optimizations through Worker tuning

World-class support

Your implementation is backed by the people who built the project. You’re supported from project start to production and beyond.

Get paid back for downtime

Temporal Cloud guarantees availability, backed by an SLA.

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Less expensive than self managed, at every scale

Temporal Cloud scales to meet your needs at every stage of your journey—from early exploration to millions of requests per second.

Affordable to start

Highly available, on demand for a few hundred dollars a month

Low TCO for production

Security, automation, and metrics built in with serverless operation

Economies of Scale

Temporal Cloud pricing declines up to 70% as you scale