Who we are

We are a team of nearly 200 technologists and open source company builders with a passion for programming languages, distributed systems and cloud services who've cracked the code to revolutionize backend software engineering.

Where we come from

Temporal is the result of more than 15 years of iteration building mission critical platforms for developers, and a decade long partnership between the founders Maxim Fateev and Samar Abbas.

Temporal co-founders Maxim Fateev and Samar Abas



Maxim was the Tech Lead for the messaging infrastructure that later became the basis Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), the first platform service offered by Amazon Web Services.



Maxim serves as tech lead, working with Samar Abbas to create the first public version of Simple Workflow Service Maxim goes on to create Amazon Flow Framework, the first completely code-based approach to durable task execution.



Samar joins Microsoft and serves as tech lead Azure Service Bus. Later on, Samar creates the Azure Durable Task Framework



Max and Samar reunite as colleagues at Uber and co-create Cadence, rethinking the SWF programming model and architecture for scaling. Dozens of Uber services and applications adopt Cadence at scale.



Max and Samar co-found Temporal Technologies Inc and the Temporal open-source project. The successor project to Cadence, Temporal was built to serve the general developer community.



Temporal raises $18.75M Series A.



More than 300 engineers attended Replay in Seattle, the inaugural conference for backend software development sponsored by Temporal. Now serving more than 100 corporate customers, Temporal Cloud announces expanded access.

Who's in our corner

Temporal's investors have several decades of combined experience partnering with category-defining platform companies.

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More about Temporal

First hand accounts on what drove our leadership team to Temporal.

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Life at Temporal


A Journey

samar abbas

Samar Abbas

CEO and Co-Founder

Life at Temporal


Paul Nordstrom: Why I Joined Temporal

paul nordstrom

Paul Nordstrom

Software Engineer



An Open Letter to the Temporal User Community

maxim fateev

Maxim Fateev

CTO and Co-Founder

Our Community

Temporal is powered by the industry's most passionate developer community. Their enthusiasm is infectious and makes us work hard to deliver a better and better experience.

Netflix engineers spend less time writing logic to maintain application consistency or guard against failures because Temporal does it for them. The Temporal platform is easy to operate and fits naturally in our development workflow.

Rob Zeinert

Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

If any services go down, even Temporal Server, things can be restored to their previous state and resumed… enabling engineers to assume things will run reliably by default.

Snap Engineering

Temporal maintains high reliability while providing tremendous visibility. Things we thought to be much more complex... feel much easier!

Anthony Dmitriyev

Software Engineer, Coinbase

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Temporal.io is fucking fantastic. Something that probably would have taken weeks of convoluted logic was able to, pretty elegantly be encapsulated in a few workflows (~500 lines).

Jake Cooper

Founder, Coinbase

Developer happiness has increased. Thinking in terms of workflows and activities has clarified our product and allowed us to share workflow components with different teams.

Ben Jacobson

Staff Software Engineer, Checkr

A game changing revelation - Temporal gave us the ability to test our workflows with unit tests. JSON or YAML are completely untestable!

Nicolas Gere

Software Engineer, Descript

The API gives you this illusion of single threaded execution... It's amazing.

Steven Cipolla

Senior Staff Software Engineer, Box

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