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This will be our last newsletter of 2023, so it’s filled with tons of updates like the Temporal .NET SDK is now Generally Available!

We will also be hosting a webinar next week to discuss how workflows are written with the new .NET SDK and the interesting challenges encountered during the development of SDKs.

For more information on these updates and other things we’ve been working on, just keep reading! And as always, we’d love to hear from you—feel free to share feedback in our Community Slack, or on Twitter (@temporalio).

Notable New Technology Features:

  • Schedules, a flexible and durable replacement for traditional Cron jobs, are now Generally Available.
  • The Temporal .NET SDK is now Generally Available and can be leveraged by all Temporal users. Learn more in this blog post.
  • The preview feature Workflow Update is now available in the Python SDK and .NET SDK.

SDK Updates:

  • The .NET SDK 1.0.0 release brings General Availability support to users.
  • Python SDK 1.4.0 adds support for Typed Search Attributes and advanced metrics, and the experimental API for Workflow Update. Note there are a couple small breaking changes for search attributes and telemetry — see the release notes for more information.

December Webinar: Our webinar from December 14th is now available to watch on demand.

Upcoming Meetups & Events

Happy Hour: Melbourne, AUS | December 13

  • Join us for a happy hour in Melbourne with Temporal staff and users.

Meetup: Mumbai, IND | December 13

  • Join us for an evening of technical talks, snacks and drinks, and meet with Temporal users and experts, including Vijay Narayanan, Senior Executive Vice President at Kotak Mahindra Bank and Preeti Somal, Senior Vice-President of Engineering at Temporal.

Meetup: San Francisco, CA | December 13

  • Join us at our new San Francisco office for an evening of technical talks, snacks and drinks, and meet with Temporal users and experts, including engineers from Turo and Instacart.

Meetup: Hyderabad, IND | December 23

  • Temporal is co-hosting a meetup with CNCF in Hyderabad. Hear from engineers with Salesforce and DragonflyDB as well as Temporal. Register here.

2023 Replay Conference

We are excited to announce that the talks from the 2023 Replay Conference were recorded and all 39 videos are now available to watch on Youtube. Revisit talks like the ones from Datadog, Netflix, JPMC, and more.

You can also find the full catalogue of videos on our Replay website.

Temporal at Yum! Brands: Matt McDole gives an update on their journey with Temporal and how over 80% of all orders are now a Temporal Workflow.

Temporal at Instacart: Hear how Instacart started with Temporal, the use cases and platforms they have built on top of it, and some key takeaways they’ve learned.


We have new Temporal 102 courses available in several SDK languages:

Visit to see our current offerings, and sign up for our waiting list to be notified when we release new courses.

Community Favorites

Community Threads: Learn if it’s possible to create event - based Workflows and how to make Activities within a Workflow wait for these events.

Temporal Cloud for Startups: Read about the top 5 ways users say Startups can benefit from Temporal Cloud and who qualifies.

Temporal Partner Ecosystem: Learn more about our quest to make Durable Execution a reality for for our customers and community.