Brazil is a pretty big country: almost 200 million people and counting. Brazil’s payment system is one of the most advanced in the world: a place where a lot of innovation takes place.

There is one payment method that is ubiquitous around the country: the boleto. You can think of it as an invoice, but it has a unique barcode that you can pay in any bank. It’s used from paying bills, to buying goods. It’s good for merchants, it’s heavily async and flexible. That’s amazing for customers, but implementing a scalable and reliable solution for boletos as a bank is challenging.

This talk will show how Temporal can be used as a leverage to solve complex, async, human-dependent flows and be a competitive advantage to your company. I will present the problem, what we built, and how Temporal’s programming model simplified an inherently human-centric flow at scale and helped us process 2 million (and counting) invoices for our customers. I will also share the ups and downs, problems faced, and how we dealt with them.

Finally, I will explain why I believe Temporal to be a competitive advantage and your company’s superpower.