Temporal Surpasses 1,000 Active Customers Milestone in Just Over a Year

As AI and distributed systems grow, development velocity stalls and companies turn to Temporal.

SEATTLE – April 16, 2024 – Temporal, the creators of Durable Execution, recently onboarded its thousandth paying customer to Temporal Cloud after providing the service for just over a year. This number represents a small percentage of the companies that have adopted Temporal, with thousands more using it as freely available open source software. Organizations use Temporal to improve the reliability of their applications - such as distributed systems and AI applications - and to dramatically accelerate time-to-market for new apps, services and features. They turn to Temporal Cloud to ease management complexity of the service and to efficiently scale their investment in the platform.

Temporal Cloud was made generally available in October 2022 and has attracted over 1000 marquee customers including top-tier companies across a wide array of industries including Nvidia, Snap, and Alaska Airlines, as well as some of the most innovative, emerging startups globally, such as Retool, Turo and Drata.

“Snap was an early adopter of Temporal Cloud and initially we used it for just a few workloads.” said Saral Jain, Vice President, Software Engineering at Snap. “Today, Temporal is a critical part of our application stack that helps our 414 million daily active users express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together. Temporal also eases our ability to scale to deliver a consistent experience even through the increased demand during big moments, such as the Super Bowl or New Year Eve. The Temporal team is a valued partner on our journey.”

The co-founders of Temporal, Maxim Fateev and Samar Abbas, have been building on the concept of Durable Execution for almost twenty years while at companies like AWS, Google, Microsoft and Uber. Temporal is the culmination of this work and it presents a new development paradigm that makes code less complicated and fault tolerant. It eliminates dependence on many design patterns and plumbing code, traditionally used for managing state and reliability (such as retries, queues, sagas, state machines and timers); without these complexities, developers can spend time delivering features and enhanced business logic.

“As developers, Samar and I have grappled with the complexities of system failures and infrastructure intricacies in our code for quite some time,” revealed Maxim Fateev, co-founder and CEO of Temporal. “Temporal emerged from this frustration, and we are deeply honored that a multitude of developers and organizations now rely on it to significantly streamline their code and enhance their development journey. Temporal is quickly evolving into an essential building block of the modern application stack.”

Temporal has become an engine to fuel new applications as it allows organizations to define workflows, reliably execute them and then easily scale as they become successful. It provides language support across six programming languages so this complexity can be handled in code by developers.

“The adoption of Temporal by major global players is remarkable,” observed Bogomil Balkansky, a partner at Sequoia Capital. “Nevertheless, Temporal isn’t exclusively designed for large companies alone. We believe that every development team can harness Temporal’s capabilities, which formed a significant aspect of our investment thesis. With Temporal, organizations can accelerate their development pace, stand toe-to-toe with industry giants, and successfully build and deploy complex distributed systems and in-demand A.I. applications.”

For a list of Temporal case studies and customers, please visit temporal.io.

About Temporal

Temporal is an open source Durable Execution solution that abstracts away the complexity of building scalable, distributed applications and lets developers focus on what matters – delivering reliable applications, faster. It improves meaningful engineering metrics that are directly tied to revenue, like development velocity and system reliability, and allows you to track every step of every application execution, so you gain valuable insight into your business. Temporal Cloud provides a managed service backed by the originators of the project. It has been adopted by thousands for mission-critical applications, including Alaska Airlines, Snap, Turo, and Nvidia. Learn more at temporal.io.