Somal joins to scale the engineering organization and has previously led HashiCorp’s engineering organization and served as Vice President of Cloud Services at Yahoo!

SEATTLE – August 3, 2023 – Temporal, the leader in durable execution, today announced that Preeti Somal has been appointed as Senior Vice President of Engineering, reporting directly to co-founder and CTO, Samar Abbas. Over the past 8 months, Temporal has built momentum, bringing on over 450 customers to their managed service, Temporal Cloud. Somal joins at this key inflection point to help drive the efficient delivery of the key product capabilities that meet the needs of their growing open source community and speed adoption of their durable execution platform.

“Preeti is an exceptionally talented engineering leader,” said Abbas. “She brings a unique breadth and depth of enterprise experience and leadership skills to our team. Her work at HashiCorp and Yahoo is perfectly suited to our core mission: helping our customers make their applications more reliable and easier to maintain, while delivering more features faster. We’re thrilled she’s joining us, as we enter a new era where demand for durable execution is exploding across virtually every sector.”

Over the past half year, Temporal has attracted hundreds of organizations to adopt their managed service and Somal’s hire will help the company effectively scale to meet the step change in market demand for distributed systems reliability. Today there is tremendous demand for fault-tolerant applications, not just from developer-centric organizations but from small startups through large enterprise organizations, across a wide array of industries. Temporal allows these development teams to focus on business logic and not the complexities of distributed systems.

While Temporal was initially built for highly technical organizations with large teams of software developers, now there is widespread demand from more traditional and game changing startups as well. For example, Netflix, Descript, Yum! Brands, Instacart, Comcast, and Snap all bet some of their critical systems on Temporal, which empowers these businesses to build scalable applications with ease, streamlining operations and maximizing developer productivity.

“Temporal meets all the elements of what excites me most in an engineering leadership role,” said Somal. “Having been introduced to Temporal while at HashiCorp, I know first-hand the critical role Temporal plays in delivering reliable applications faster. And Temporal has quickly built an incredible community – with tens of thousands of developers worldwide. The list of organizations that use Temporal is truly remarkable, and it’s growing every single day. I feel fortunate to lead the Temporal engineering team at a time when we’re so well positioned for explosive growth.”

Somal joins Temporal from HashiCorp, where she led the engineering, security and IT organizations during a period of high growth. She also led research and development at Yahoo! as Vice President of Cloud Services for four years. Prior to Yahoo!, Somal spent five years at VMware as Vice President of R&D.

About Temporal

Temporal is a durable execution system that enables developers to build reliable software services and applications. It allows teams to manage an application’s state at scale, monitor the execution of application logic in real-time, and push updates and changes without downtime. Platform and application teams at companies like Netflix, Snap, Stripe, and Coinbase use Temporal to run application functions as workflows that inherit scalability, durability, and fault tolerance. Learn more at