[1.9.3] - 2024-02-23

Bug fixes

  • Fix deprecated patch removal when no subsequent command (temporalio/sdk-core#671).

  • Fix incorrect ordering of a query execution that could happen if new workflow tasks came in while there were buffered queries (temporalio/sdk-core#673).

  • Fix a possibility of sending local activity marker after the Workflow Task Complete command (temporalio/sdk-core#678).

  • Wait for activity completes to reach server before shutdown (temporalio/sdk-core#681).

  • Update protobuf definitions to work with the new EVENT_TYPE_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_UPDATE_REQUESTED

    event (temporalio/sdk-core#677).

  • Fix a regression regarding gRPC incoming message limit due to a behavior change in tonic 0.9.0.


  • Avoid doctype reexports canonicalization issue (#1354)

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Add test for module property mutation isolation (#1356)