Schema changes

If you are using SQL based visibility, before upgrading your Temporal Cluster to v1.24.0, you must upgrade your visibility schemas to the following:

  • MySQL schema 1.6

  • PostgreSQL schema v1.6

Please see our upgrade documentation for the necessary steps to upgrade your schemas.

Release Highlights

This release contains schema fix for SQL based visibility introduced in 1.24.0. For full set of new features please check v1.24.0 release notes.

Helpful links to get you started with Temporal

Temporal Docs Server Docker Compose Helm Chart

Docker images for this release

Server (use the tag 1.24.1) Server With Auto Setup (what is Auto-Setup?) (use the tag 1.24.1) Admin-Tools (use the tag 1.24.1-tctl-1.18.1-cli-0.12.0)

Full Changelog: v1.24.0...v1.24.1