This is a minor release that introduces support for worker versioning using a new API provided by Temporal Servers with version 1.24.0+.

Worker versioning is an experimental feature, currently in pre-release, which associates Build IDs to worklfows and activities using rules, and then guarantees that only workers running compatible code will process their tasks. Rules are scoped by a task queue, and can be manipulated or listed with the CLI. For example:

temporal task-queue versioning -t my-queue get-rules

Known Incompatibilities

task-queue describe is now returning task reachability information in addition to pollers info, to safely retire old workers using worker versioning. It uses an enhanced API that is not supported by a server with version <1.24.0. To access pollers information in older servers set the --legacy-modeflag, and select the task queue type using the --task-queue-type-legacyargument (if different from workflow).

What's Changed

  • Accept search attributes for dev server and disable cache by default

  • Trigger goreleaser on published release

  • Support worker versioning with new API

  • Full Changelog: v0.13.0...v0.13.1