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This is mostly a bug fix release.

💥 Fix Workflow.WaitConditionAsyncissue introduced in 1.1.1

There is a bug introduced 1.1.1 where WaitConditionAsynccould never be properly resolved. This release fixes that bug by (mostly) reverting to behavior in 1.1.0. There is technically a situation where, if your workflow has run in 1.1.1 and encountered this bug, this fix could lead to non-determinism.

💥 Breaking change on experimental workflow update

Updates, still experimental, now require the WaitForStageoption to be set when using StartUpdateAsync. Also the UpdateIDproperty in the options is just Idnow.

Specific Changes

2024-05-21 - 618e878 - Required wait update stage and polling improvements (#251) 2024-05-22 - 1645178 - Improved docs for RetryPolicy.NonRetryableErrorTypes (#252) 2024-05-28 - ef70705 - Support ApplicationFailureException.NextRetryDelay (#254) 2024-05-29 - 1f6676b - Extended reporting of failed workflow with OTel (#255) 2024-06-04 - 0e24a43 - feat: add workflow client updater for updating workflow client (#258) 2024-06-04 - 43d0f86 - Update generated rpc requests to not omit ConfigureAwait(false) (#260) 2024-06-04 - 83670a0 - Fix wait condition evaluation issue (#259)