Temporal .NET SDK Generally Available

With this 1.0.0 release, the .NET SDK is now considered stable. This means it has been thoroughly used and tested to ensure it meets Temporal quality standards. Throughout the prerelease period, we have received ample feedback and have adjusted the SDK as needed to address feedback and address any issues encountered. We strive to not make any backwards incompatible changes.

Log Forwarding

The Core logic powering the SDK is written in Rust and emits its own logs to console in many situations. Until now, users could only control the level of this log but not adjust where it was emitted or how. Now, with #153, users can set Temporalio.Runtime.LoggingOptions.Forwarding.Logger to an ILogger which will forward all logs from Rust to the .NET logger in a reasonably performant manner.

Specific Changes

2023-11-08 - abab4b2 - Update README.md to remove note about DI issue (#152) 2023-11-14 - 67a2572 - Log forwarding (#153) 2023-11-16 - 32411c7 - Demonstrate OpenTelemetry + dependency injection (#154) 2023-11-17 - 8626167 - Delete .github/workflows/semgrep.yml (#159) 2023-12-04 - 7c07aa7 - Handle new .NET 8 analyzer suggestions (#164)