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If you couldn’t make it to Replay 2023, or attended but couldn’t see every talk, we’ve got good news: The first line of talks are now available for you to watch and share! Check out our blog post for more information on how you can rewind Replay.

For more information on these updates and other things we’ve been working on, just keep reading! And as always, we’d love to hear from you—feel free to share feedback in our Community Slack group, or on Twitter (@temporalio)

Temporal Cloud

We have several features that are available as a part of a pre-GA preview and are listed below. Please reach out to Temporal if you would like to try out any of this functionality.

  • Global Namespace is available as a private preview for users who would like to increase availability of Temporal to 4 9s through multi-region Namespace replication.
  • For users who purchased Temporal Cloud Credits, we have a private preview available, so you can manage credit burn down in the Temporal Cloud UI.
  • Workflow History Export is available for users who would like to receive automated exports of closed Workflow Histories in a private preview.
  • For users looking to automate Temporal Cloud operations, like user invites or Namespace permissions, the Cloud Operations API is in a private preview and public GitHub repo.

Several small enhancements have also been made to the Temporal Cloud CLI to afford users the ability to specify a Codec Server endpoint during Namespace creation and see accurate Regions using tcld account list-regions with user permissions applied.

SDK Updates

  • The Go SDK release v1.25.0 provides a built in integration with the standard slog package.
  • The latest Temporal CLI release has updates to recent Temporal Server and UI versions, including the experimental Timeline view shown during Replay—turn on Labs to try it out!

Upcoming changes to Temporal Cloud metering: See the new features and updates to Temporal Cloud’s metering that will take affect on November 1st.

Upcoming Meetups & Events

Denver Dev Day | October 27

  • Temporal is sponsoring the community led Denver Dev Day where our very own Steve Kinney will be presenting “A World Without Failure: Building Reliable Systems with Temporal”. This event is SOLD OUT, but if you’re attending, be sure to stop by and talk to our Temporal team.

Pycon Sweden | November 9-10

  • We are so ready to meet the Python community in Sweden in just a few weeks! Temporal’s Raphaël Beaumont is giving the talk “What if your code could be as simple as your business logic, and crashes were nothing but a minor inconvenience?” Tickets on sale here.

NYC Python Meetup | November 15

  • Temporal and MongoDB are excited to host a joint NYC Python and PyData NYC meetup! Join for an evening of technical talks, grab some pizza and drinks, and meet fellow Pythonistas. Register here.

JS Conf Colombia | November 17-18

  • The 10th and final JS Conf Colombia will take place in Medellin and Temporal is a Gold sponsor. The conference is SOLD OUT, and if you’re attending we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Upcoming Community Meetup: Chicago Java Users Group (CJUG): We’re partnering with Kin + Carta for a meetup in Chicago on November 16th. See how to join us and network with other local users.


Whether you’re onboarding to Temporal Cloud, or just interested in seeing what Temporal Cloud is all about, check out the new free course, Introduction to Temporal Cloud.

Community Favorites

Introduction to Worker Tuning: Learn about performance tuning and other factors that have the biggest impact on Worker performance.

The Distributed Machine: Read about Temporal and why we think its natural progression is a new kind of computing machine.

Let’s Visualize a Workflow: See the latest UI update, available in both Temporal Cloud and OSS, which allows users to easily visualize a Workflow in the UI.