Replay Replay: Videos live now!


Jim Walker

VP of Product Marketing

Last month, we held our second annual conference in beautiful Bellevue, Washington and were thankful for 450+ people that helped make it an amazing event! We are also thankful to the impressive array of speakers from both large companies like Netflix, Datadog, and Maersk, and some emerging leaders, like Grab, Logixboard, Autokitteh, and more.

Today, we published the first set of the talks to our Replay Rewind site, so that you can view and share them with your peers and friends who may have missed out. There are twenty talks currently posted and expect many more in the next few weeks. We’ll let you know as we push more live.

You can check out the keynote address from our Temporal CEO and co-founder Maxim Fateev, dive deep into our Temporal Cloud custom persistence layer, and hear about some exciting product updates like versioning, schedules, workflow update, multi-region cloud and more. In addition to these announcements, we’ve also posted the talks from teams at Yum! Brands, Twilio, Hashicorp, Retool, AWS and Microsoft!

So, if you are ready to gather some best practices and learn more about durable execution, tune in now.