Temporal Cloud is Now Expanded Access

Charles Zedlewski

Charles Zedlewski

We are pleased to announce that Temporal Cloud is no longer designated "developer preview" and is now in "expanded access!"

Temporal Cloud opened to developer preview in 2021, and during the course of the past year we have onboarded more than 100 organizations to the service. A sincere thank you to all the members of the community that joined the preview from the earliest days. Thanks to this collaboration, Temporal Cloud is the simplest, most reliable and affordable way to incorporate durable execution to software services & applications.

What is "expanded access" and why don't we just say GA?

Most importantly, "expanded access" means no more waitlist. We have taken down the waitlist signup and replaced it with a simple form to sign up for Temporal Cloud. If you're working for a company that wants to use Temporal Cloud and you are comfortable with our regions, pricing, and terms of service, we'll onboard you to the service within a week.

Our experience powering Temporal workloads large and small, in development and in production, and our recently added self-service features give us the confidence we can keep up with the interest in the service. We added as many customers in the past 6 weeks as we have in the previous 18 months. We’re happy with the user feedback and service performance so far.

Temporal Cloud will become fully generally available when there is no time lag between signup and onboarding, when we can offer accounts to users as well as companies, and when we can offer access to organizations that opt to decline production support (currently we require this). Meanwhile, Temporal Cloud is available for production workloads from 0.1 - 100,000+ actions per second in 7 regions.

We have an exciting roadmap planned for Temporal Cloud. We plan to make ever greater advances in:

  • Simplifying the experience of adopting and productionalizing Temporal with better automation and self-service features
  • Continuing to lower the total cost of running Temporal services and applications
  • Further expanding the “operational envelope” of Temporal Cloud namespaces; improving the upper limits and the uniformity of our throughput, scaling, uptime, and latency
  • Adding to the set of features that cater to enterprise needs around operations, security, business continuity, and platform teams.

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Thanks again for your support of the Temporal open source project and our company.