Temporal Cloud: 1,000 Customers, 1,000 Thank Yous

maxim fateev

Maxim Fateev

CTO and Co-Founder

We’re thrilled to announce that Temporal Cloud has surpassed 1,000 customers in just under a year and a half! And we’re incredibly humbled and proud to serve such a diverse group of use cases, with companies of all sizes across all industries, and everywhere on this planet, adopting the service. This includes industry leaders like Snap, Nvidia, Comcast, Brex, Turo, Alaska Airlines, Qualtrics, and over a thousand more, but it’s just a glimpse of the broader community we’re building.

This milestone is a testament to the vision for Durable Execution that Samar and I had almost two decades ago. We’re deeply grateful to our customers for entrusting us with their workloads, and we are overwhelmed by all the work that has been accomplished by our exceptional team. Every day, they go above and beyond to drive the project forward, ensure user success, and innovate in ways that continue to inspire us.

It is also important to note that this moment wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the vibrant open-source community that underpins our success. While it’s difficult to know how many people are using an open source project, we estimate that there are over 200,000 developers using our SDKs to build Temporal Workflows! You are believers in Durable Execution, and we thank you.

Temporal Cloud is not just another OSS-as-a-service

Temporal, the project, is offered under the permissive MIT open-source license, which grants users freedom to use, modify, and distribute the code. Temporal, the company, remains committed to ongoing investment in the open source project. Over the last year we have had 88 releases and merged over 1750 PRs across Temporal Server and the SDKs. And will continue to devote time and resources to improving the value that Temporal delivers to our users. We are dedicated to improving the lives of developers everywhere.

From the beginning, Temporal was architected such that an operator of the platform has choice in how they deploy, manage and scale their implementation. We recognize the value of options and this level of control, but also understand that many may not want this responsibility, may not want to manage and scale the server, or may be cost sensitive.

Our philosophy with Temporal Cloud is to offer a service with ALL the capabilities of the open source project and to use its extensibility to create an efficient, reliable control plane and custom data store that allow the service to reliably scale and deliver unrivaled latency. We not only take the challenges of self-hosting off your plate, but make it easy to adopt and cost-effective to run.

Temporal Cloud Innovations

With over 1,000 customers now, Temporal Cloud manages over 7,000 namespaces and we count over 15 billion actions on average, every day, managed by the service. This scale has required a focus on reliability, and ultimately driven us to provide a fundamentally better Temporal experience through these key areas of innovation:

  • Control plane

    The Temporal Cloud control plane allows you to not only get up and running quickly, but it also extends a “serverless” like ability to scale the service to meet your workload demands so you don’t have to over provision and pay for any excess capacity.

    • This delivers efficient, cost effective scale because it scales only when you need to scale
    • You get better security out of the box because our team applies best practices and ensures all software is up to date.
  • Custom persistence

    Temporal is backed by a database that stores your durable state and its performance, directly impacts your experience. With Temporal Cloud, we built a custom persistence layer on the same API that allows you to use Cassandra, Postgres or other. With this design we eliminated what we didn’t need from a database and delivered a store that is optimized explicitly for Temporal. It allows for:

    • Scale beyond any level you can get with a off the shelf database scale
    • Lower latency as the database is now streamlined for Temporal

We deliver all of this in a service that not only allows you to be up and running in minutes, but also allows for easy migration from self-hosted to this Temporal Cloud, and we offer fair consumption based pricing so that you only pay for what you consume.

Over 1,000 customers are now getting these benefits of Temporal Cloud today.

A thousand thank yous…

As developers, Samar and I have grappled with the complexities of system failures and infrastructure intricacies in our code for quite some time and Temporal emerged from this frustration. Now, we are deeply honored that thousands of developers and organizations now believe in it and rely on it to deliver more reliable systems, but more importantly to improve their lives.

We are still in the project and active in the community every day. Please stop by and say hello. We look forward to hearing from you.