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Temporal is the simple, scalable open source way
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Saral Jain
Director Of Engineering, Enterprise and Cloud Services at Snap Inc.

"Temporal Cloud provides Snap a highly reliable and scalable foundation for Snap Stories, enabling us to deliver the amazing global experience our users have come to expect."

Business Transactions

No more double spends or dropped payments. Reliability, consistency, failure compensation, long running operations, and Business Transactions for your most critical transfers.

Business Process Applications

Business process applications and async services commonly need to keep track of state across sessions, batch processes, offline user actions and schedules.

Temporal workflows provide developers with a simple programming model for managing state. Temporal Server maintains an application’s state at scale and ensures correctness regardless of what’s failing.

Distributed Cron, at massive scale. Reliable polling that is as simple or sophisticated as you need. Run 100s of millions parallel cron jobs that survive any machine failure.

Infrastructure Management

Whether you are implementing CI/CD pipelines or creating managed clouds, write your own control plane in languages you know best.

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