Temporal vs. Cadence

Temporal is the Cadence project's fork led by its original founders, Maxim Fateev and Samar Abbas. It's fully open source, following the MIT license (with some SDKs under Apache 2.0).

The temporal.io fork inherits features from Cadence and introduces several additional functionalities.

Durable execution made easy

Why choose Temporal over Cadence?

Reason #1

Language Coverage

Temporal's support for Python, .NET, TypeScript, and PHP broadens its appeal and accessibility across various tech stacks. Additionally, the ability to use multiple language SDKs within the same application can enhance flexibility and promote interoperability, enabling developers to leverage the strengths of each language where it's most appropriate within their project.

Code languages

Reason #2

Enhanced Security

Temporal has support for mutual TLS, as well as more advanced authentication and authorization features. Temporal uses gRPC for all interprocess communication and offers a Data Converter for projects that require client-side payload encryption.


Reason #3

Self-Hosted or Temporal Cloud

Temporal Cloud offers scalability, flexibility, and reliability with on-demand namespaces, high availability, and minimal management overhead, making it a superior choice for handling dynamic workloads without the need for extensive resource management.


Reason #4

Better UI

Our revamped Workflow Execution UI offers a sleeker, more interactive interface for exploring Workflow activities. Enhancements include improved rendering performance, real-time event updates, and three intuitive visualizations tailored to your Temporal expertise. Plus, enjoy Temporal in Dark Mode for reduced screen glare during coding sessions.


Reason #5

Payload Metadata

Cadence stores activity inputs and outputs and other payloads as binary blobs without any associated metadata. Temporal allows associating metadata with every payload. It enables features like dynamically pluggable serialization mechanisms, seamless compression, and encryption.

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