Build your product. Don’t battle your code.

Temporal Cloud for AWS Activate Startups

Temporal has partnered with AWS Activate to provide $3,000 in free Temporal Cloud credits, plus access to our expert advice and world-class support. This offer is exclusively available to AWS Activate Startups.

Adopt Temporal Cloud for your startup and change the game

Ship fast

Temporal reduces code complexity by offloading error processing logic, so that you can focus on what matters: your business logic.

Guaranteed reliability

Temporal guarantees that any end-to-end process will execute completely, retry, rollback or commit gracefully.

Your code, your language

Code in your language, and run and deploy your existing app on Temporal within your current software delivery mechanism.

Free credits

Get $3,000 in credits for Temporal Cloud and gain full access to the platform so you can get building today.

Expert advice

Gain full access to all of our support and services, and work with our team to tune and optimize your application code.

Join us

Join over 400 startups who are changing the game (and the future) with Temporal.

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A commitment to your success

Temporal is a startup, too. We believe moving fast and delivering reliable systems are critical elements of success. As part of Temporal Cloud for Startups, our team is here to support you on your journey.

Technical onboarding

Get you up and running quickly on your Cloud namespace

Design reviews

Inspect and optimize your Temporal code

Production readiness

Ensure you are ready to go live at the right scale

Worker tuning

Identify performance optimizations through worker tuning

Temporal is a tenth of the work to run your application than conventional microservices architectures and substantially more reliable. Temporal ensures work gets done right.


Cofounder, CTO, Green Got

Green Got

We wouldn’t have been able to build as fast as we did without Temporal. It is a better, more simple way to develop complex systems.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Temporal Cloud for AWS Activate Startups?

AWS Activate startups that are not currently using Temporal Cloud.

How do I apply for the program?

Submit an application using this form.

What happens when I get approved for the program?

We will credit your account with the $3,000 and reach out to you to set up an onboarding and welcome call.

How much usage will $3,000 provide for my application?

It depends on your use case, but $3,000 of credits could provide you with up to 12 months of usage.

What happens when I use all my credits?

Once you consume all of your credits, Temporal will start billing you on a monthly basis for your usage and services moving forward. Learn more about pricing here.

Can I migrate if I'm already self-hosting Temporal?

Absolutely! We can take it a step further and help you migrate. Mention this to us in your initial call, and we'll be sure to flag that for the appropriate team.

Can I transfer these credits to another company?

No, credits are not transferable. Please have the other company apply through the program for credit consideration.