Linus Health’s AI-enhanced digital cognitive assessment platform speeds up and simplifies the cognitive assessment process from start to finish – replacing manual workflows for administration and analysis with a completely automated and digital process. Our platform enables early detection of impairment, while actionable clinical guidance and personalized patient action plans inform next steps. Accelerated innovation with the platform, alongside a growing customer base, comes with the increased need to minimize risks in stability.

The algorithms that facilitate these cognitive tests originally ran on a completely custom-built workflow pipeline. This pipeline was built over time as needed by individual teams, with little concern paid to consistency or establishing standards. As the company grew, so did the features dependent on this workflow–inevitably resulting in our engineers having to worry about a large number of downstream dependencies.

The lack of confidence in detecting and resolving technical issues at a high-level had business implications - more time was spent on troubleshooting rather than innovating on cutting-edge brain health products. Building on Temporal has helped regain that confidence and helped establish a more robust architecture. This enabled teams to move more independently and facilitated the ability to maintain different verticals, allowing them to diverge from one another.