Autokitteh: Temporal on Kittehs


Itay Donanhirsh



Haim Zlatokrilov


Need a closer look? Download and review slides presented at Replay 2023 here.

Developers currently waste an immense amount of time stitching together disparate APIs and services. While this work may sound simple, even just connecting two services can require:

  • Deploying and managing infrastructure
  • Navigating approvals for security and infosec
  • Configure all API connectors and persist their credentials and state
  • Instrument monitoring and tracing so the system is operable

If all of this wasn’t enough, it also needs to be highly reliable and run at scale. Once reliability and scale are requirements, Temporal becomes the only reasonable option, but then developers are also expected to understand determinism, idempotency, and other computer science concepts.

We will present Autokitteh, an OSS developer-first automation platform built on Temporal. The platform provides a refined experience for Temporal, offering fully managed Workers, API connectors, out-of-the-box tracing, and monitoring. We will show how a developer, that might not be proficient with or even aware of Temporal, can rapidly configure, deploy, test, and monitor an automation while spending most of the time on the business logic itself. We will discuss the platform architecture, and deployment patterns and finally demo multiple use cases integrating multiple APIs.