Need a closer look? Download and review slides presented at Replay 2023 here.

In order for us to put the world’s 1.5 billion cars to better use, we need a system that can scale, is resilient, and reliable. Our old system for managing reservation lifecycle was, at best, consistently inconsistent and, at worst, falling over. After experiencing 40% year over year growth, we desperately needed a better solution. We started our investigation into how to improve our processes in May of 2022 in order to avoid a summer catastrophe. It might sound obvious, but we needed critical elements of our reservation cycle to happen when they are scheduled to happen. For example, a trip needs to start when its scheduled to start. Likewise a trip needs to end when it’s scheduled to end. Otherwise, hosts, guests, and our own bottomline are impacted.

We started an initial investigation into looking for alternatives for our reservation lifecycle systems and sifted through several workflow orchestration platforms. Our investigations led us to discovering Temporal as a valid and powerful alternative. In this talk, we plan on speaking about our journey to discovering Temporal as a highly scalable and reliable alternative for our current reservation lifecycle system, how we evaluated Temporal as the right choice for us, how we planned and executed a migration from our current system to Temporal workflows and our current and future plans to enable Temporal adoption across more teams at Turo.