Replay 2023 Videos

Maxim hero image

Keynote: The Way Forward for Event-Driven Architectures

Maxim Fateev

Preeti and Samaar hero

Keynote: Temporal Product Announcements

Samar Abbas & Preeti Somal

Yum Brands Hero

Temporal at Yum! Brands: A Year Later

Matt McDole

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Temporal: What's Cloud Got to Do with it? A Novel Persistence Layer for Temporal Cloud

Paul Nordstrom

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JPMC: Evaluation and use of Temporal within our tech stack

Rajesh Iyer & Devron Thompson

hero aws

AWS: Attitude of Iteration: Counting Your Challenges on One Finger

Eric Johnson

hero twilio

Twilio: From Monolith to Workflows: Our Journey at Twilio

Sai Pragna Etikyala

hero hashicorp

Hashicorp: Our use of Temporal

Chris Ludden & Anthony Davis

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Stripe: Mastering Kafka at Scale: Unleashing the Power of Temporal at Stripe

Patroklos Stefanou

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Turo: Temporal Adoption and Integration

Ayush Mudgal

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SoFi: Building Scalable, Reliable Bank Payments on Temporal

Vikranth Reddy Etikyala

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Temporal: From POC to Production Code

Tihomir Surdilovic

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Grab: Automating and scaling customer support with Temporal

Pavel Sidlo

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Netflix & Datadog Panel: Running Temporal as an Internal Service

Jacob LeGrone & Rob Zienert

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Netflix: Actor Workflows: Reliably orchestrating thousands of Flink clusters at Netflix

Mark Cho & Jorge Rodriguez

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Maersk: Building a Time Machine for the Logistics Industry

Andrey Dubnik & Dhanraj Kurdikar

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Instacart: How Workflows are empowering our platforms

Anant Agarwal

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Microsoft: Exploring Durable Execution on Serverless Platforms

Chris Gillum

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Datadog: Temporal Large Payload Service

Grant Fuhr

Retool Hero

Retool: Orchestrating Complex Customer-Defined DAGS with Temporal

Roberto Fernandez

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Temporal: Performance Testing Temporal

Rob Holland

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Datadog: Building Ergonomic Temporal Tooling Using Worker Reflection

Eric Chee

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Logixboard: Finding Order in the Event-Driven Chaos with Temporal

Chandler Gonzales

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Rippling: Re-building Async processing using Temporal

Maksim Bezsaznyj & Malay Kurwa

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Bitovi: Synchronizing Concurrent Workflows

Nils Lundquist

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Autokitteh: Temporal on Kittehs

Itay Donanhirsh & Haim Zlatokrilov

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Bright Machines: From the cloud to the factory – Temporal used in manufacturing applications

Jacques Thomas

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AfterPay: Real-time Payments with Temporal

Mark Feldman & Max Chuvilyaev

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Will Bank: How to leverages Temporal to handle 2 million customers

Bruno Luis Panuto Silva

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Linus Health: Using Temporal to orchestrate proactive brain health

Diane Nguyen

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Airwallex: Interactive Business Process with Temporal

Maki Xie

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Better: Workflows vs Services: Why, When, and How

Daniel Golant

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Logikcull: The Power of Temporal in eDiscovery

Ehlana Gray

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Cosmonic: Zero Downtime Deploys with Temporal and wasmCloud

Dan Norris

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Temporal: Reasonably Reliable. The Inherent Costs of Building Resilient Applications

Matthew Fornaciari

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MongoDB & Temporal: Resilient, and Flexible applications with velocity

Jay Runkel