Datadog: Hacking Temporal to run on SQLite!

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In this video, Jacob fom the Datadog team outlines a project called Temporalite, a lightweight version of Temporal that was created at Datadog. He discusses developer challenges including the time it takes to get a local Temporal server up and running, the difficulty of automated integration testing, and the challenges of using Temporal to deploy Temporal.

Temporalite solves these problems by being a single binary that can be started with a single command. It also includes an in-memory mode that makes it easy to stand up and tear down Temporal server instances. Temporalite can also be used as a go library, which makes it possible to write end-to-end tests for Temporal workflows.

He presents a demo of Temporalite that shows how to start a Temporalite server in ephemeral mode and how to use the Temporalite go library to write a test for a Temporal workflow.

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