Temporal Transparency Update #3

ryland goldstein

Ryland Goldstein

Head of Product

Latest Release at Time of Writing: V0.27.0

Hope everyone had a productive and enjoyable week! I’m here to share our third update for V1 code completion.

Update July, 24, 2020


  • Code complete date remains unchanged, July 31, 2020
  • Massive progress on remaining code completion items, 50% of tasks were completed
  • Based on this weeks progress, it’s unlikely we will need to cut tasks to make the deadline
  • Team members who finish their work for code completion will begin immediately working on stabilization

Based on the awesome effort from the team we were able to finish ~50% of the remaining items for code completion during the last week:


We’re in the final stretch and things are looking very positive. All remaining items required for code completion are shown in the image below:


Based on the progress made this week, we are quite confident that we will meet the initial date we defined for code completion (July 31, 2020). The remaining work is relatively well scoped and understood so there shouldn’t be any showstoppers that pop up (fingers crossed). As team resources free up internally over the next week all focus will be shifted to stabilization.

Things in the world have been a bit rough lately so hopefully this update comes as a bit of good news. As always, feel free to reach out with questions, comments or critical feedback via email, Slack or our community forum.