Ten Reasons to Attend Replay 2023


Justin Pirie

Director of Product Marketing

Replay, our annual conference dedicated to the platforms, practices, and trends in software engineering, is happening in Seattle September 12-14, 2023. And this year, we will bring together hundreds of forward-thinking backend engineers to discuss the future of software engineering and how to adopt, use, and get more value from Temporal.

We’re looking forward to an incredible in-person event this year, and below are ten reasons why you shouldn’t miss out!

10 - Meet some of the best thinkers and builders in backend software engineering

Join Temporal CEO Maxim Fateev and industry leaders from Netflix, Twilio, Yum Brands!, Hashicorp, Datadog, Microsoft, AWS, Stripe, and more, to learn how they’re innovating in their organizations and driving the future of software engineering. Come away with concrete ideas and strategies to improve the reliability and velocity of your software development. Replay-speaker-Promo Card

9 - Engage with our product team and help drive the future of the Temporal Project

We’ll share a keynote full of product announcements and have also added a product forum to the agenda where you can interact with our product team, learn more about new capabilities, and give us feedback and input on where the project should go in the future.

Bring your API questions, learn about the future of the SDKs, and chat about all things in your language with the people who help build Temporal. blog - 10 reasons replay - 1

8 - Day zero workshops

blog - 10 reasons replay - 2 Get booted up immediately with Temporal 101 and 102 live, hands-on workshops in Go, Java, and Typescript. With no prior experience required, accelerate your Temporal knowledge with expert guidance.

Have you already mastered Temporal? This is your chance to introduce it to your friends and colleagues who are new to it. The 101 and 102 workshops require no prior experience with Temporal, and participants will emerge with a solid understanding of Temporal and the skills required to design, develop, and deploy basic applications.

7 - 51 sessions!

We’ve curated and selected a great set of sessions representing the best from the Temporal community and our cloud customers. Each talk is packed with how-to’s and best practices, and you will undoubtedly walk away with deeper Temporal expertise.

One talk I’m particularly excited about is Sai Pragna Etikyala’s session about how she’s using Temporal to break up the Twilio Messaging monolith, something I worked with at Twilio for seven years, so near and dear to my heart!

Another talk I’m particularly looking forward to is Matt McDole’s from Yum! Brands, the owners of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and The Habit Burger Grill, on the progress they’ve made since last year and their lessons learned. Matt gave one of my favorite talks at Replay last year and was a massive inspiration for me to join Temporal. blog - 10 reasons replay - 3

6 - Connect with Max and Samar

Our founders have been building some version of durable execution for over fifteen years, and they will be on hand and also be active participants in the conversation. This is a great chance to ask Max and Samar your most challenging questions and get real-time feedback on what they’re thinking. Last year folks were excited to hear Max speak because he’s so “analytical and descriptive,” giving attendees a deep understanding of why Temporal works the way it does and how you can best take advantage of it. blog - 10 reasons replay - 4

5 - Meet and give back to the community

We will have networking opportunities for both extroverts and introverts so you can meet your community peers. This is also an excellent opportunity to help others by collaborating with your peers, solving problems, and getting inspiration. blog - 10 reasons replay - 5

4 - Get inspired with your team

Take a break from your day-to-day and bring your team to learn together to invest in skill-building that’ll propel you to further success. Team members new to Temoporal will quickly come up to speed in our live, hands-on workshops on day zero. Regardless of their experience level, everyone will benefit from the perspectives shared by innovators during dozens of sessions during the two days that follow. We heard that loud and clear from last year’s attendees. Check out the recap video from Replay 2022. YouTube video preview

3 - Showcase your work

Share your great work and progress with your community peers at sharing sessions and, of course, the most important track, the hallway. Gain valuable feedback and recognition from your peers. Meet other folks working on the same thing and conference sponsors solving similar problems.

2 - Scheduled language-specific sessions with no agenda

We have five “Birds of a Feather” sessions for Go, Java, Typescript, .Net, and Python with the builders of the SDKs so you can connect, get your questions answered, and understand the future of each language SDK.

1 - The last time you can visit Seattle this year before it starts raining

We will be in the fantastic Hyatt Regency Bellevue, which, translated literally from French, means “nice view.” With six months of rain imminent, this is your last chance to enjoy the Pacific NW summer. A conference can’t be truly great without good food and drink. Oh, and a party to celebrate all the learning and sharing at the end.

The official Replay after-party is on September 14th at The Collective in Seattle. Join Replay attendees and Temporal staff for a fun-filled evening with food and beverages, a hammock garden, a climbing wall, and outdoor games to wrap up an eventful week. blog - 10 reasons replay - 7

So what are you waiting for?

Register for your ticket now at temporal.io/replay

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