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We’re excited for another year of Replay, and tickets are on sale now! Check out some of the scheduled workshops here. We’re also still accepting CFPs, so if you’d like to submit a talk, you can find more details here.

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Notable New Technology Features

If you have questions about Temporal’s release stages, then please see our new release stages documentation.

SDK Updates

PHP SDK 2.8 and 2.8.1 are now available, with support for our new, experimental Workflow Update feature. The PHP API docs are now published online at

Go SDK 1.26 is now available, with support for Typed Search Attributes. This release includes a few small breaking changes, including changes to how gRPC protobufs are serialized, so please read the release notes before upgrading.

Java SDK 1.23 is now available, with bugfixes and some improved defaults. This release also includes changes to use the new history JSON format; please read the release notes for details before upgrading.

Temporal Cloud’s Automation Features: Learn how companies are transforming how they deploy, manage, and scale their operations with the new automation features in Temporal Cloud.

Upcoming Meetups & Events

QCon | April 8-10

  • Join Temporal for the “SuperBowl of technology conferences” at QCon London. Stop by booth #1 at the QEII Center to say hi to the Temporal team! Register here.

DevNexus | April 9-11

  • The Temporal team will be at DevNexus, the largest Java platform conference in the US. Join the “devolution” and stop by Booth #15 at the Georgia World Congress Center to say hello to the team! Register here.

Great International Developer Summit | April 23-26

  • The Temporal team is landing in India! Please join us at the Great International Developer Summit in Bengaluru. Stop by Booth #18 at the J N Tata Auditorium to meet the Temporal team! Register here.

On Demand Webinar Series: Check out our recent webinar series where we deep dive into “Building with Temporal Cloud”.


Understanding when and how to apply versioning is an essential skill for Temporal application developers. We’ve just released four new hands-on training courses where you can learn—and practice—how to do this with our most popular SDKs. There’s no cost, so register today and learn how to version your Workflows in Go, Java, Typescript, and Python.

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