Temporal Series B Press Roundup


Temporal Team


We have just announced our Series B fundraising, with a letter from Maxim, announcement from Byran Offutt at Index Ventures, a fun teaser video and community Q&A!

Externally, we also enjoyed good press coverage. We collected them all here in one place for whoever is looking for this information in future:

  • Geekwire: “Temporal is riding tailwinds from the pandemic, which supercharged cloud adoption as more companies and consumers used digital services. The company said it is seeing 25-to-50% month-over-month growth in adoption. Snap, Netflix, Instacart, Qualtrics, and others are using Temporal, which now joins an elite unicorn group of Seattle companies that have eclipsed the $1 billion valuation.”
  • The Register: “Temporal’s technology is described as microservice orchestration platform that enables developers to build scalable applications without sacrificing productivity or reliability. It is already in use to solve state management challenges at companies such as Netflix, Snap, Box, Hashicorp, Coinbase, and others. Netflix has apparently chosen Temporal as the platform upon which to base its next-generation continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) developer service.”
  • Silicon Angle: “The new cash infusion brings Temporal’s total funding to more than $128 million. The money will be used primarily to “reinvest in the community,” Zedlewski said. That includes more research and development of the open-source platform, additional language support, educational resources and expansion of the developer advocate network.”
  • Daily UK: “According to Temporal, one of the aspects of its system is that it abstracts the complexity of a distributed system. These are often a mixture of stateless services, databases, cron jobs, and queues, and as they scale, responding to multiple asynchronous events and tracking the state of everything becomes more and more challenging. Temporal effectively makes all these part of the platform and takes care of them itself.”
  • Computer Weekly: “The fact that cloud applications are getting into a (right old) state over their state management capabilities due to the inherent complexity they are now being constructed with should come as no major surprise i.e. we know that the intertask dependency management, scheduling and concurrency logic responsibilities and requirements that exist in an application’s inputs across multiple related data flows is no point-and-click fix… which is why Temporal exists.”
  • CIO Review: “Containerization and service-based architectures necessitate engineers managing state, a time-consuming and error-prone process that shifts the software development focus from business logic to brittle plumbing. Historically, developers relied on database transactions to preserve application consistency, but this is no longer an option for scaled cloud applications. As a result, they are compelled to improvise infrastructure like as queues, databases, CRON jobs, and more in order to provide some semblance of a coherent application experience. Temporal provides a uniform and unified backend for stateful applications, allowing developers to utilize their preferred languages, tool stacks, and deployment environment.”

Press Release

We also shared a press release with some never-before-seen quotes from Max and our new boardmember Mike Volpi, and notable users like Snap, Netflix, Descript, Datadog, and Instacart. The full text of the press release is available here.