At Replay 2023, our CEO and co-founder, Max provided an enlightening keynote talk that outlined how Durable Execution is the future of event-driven architectures.

Whether you are working within a monolith, breaking one down into services, or starting a new application from scratch, an event-driven architecture is considered the way forward for backend development. It allows engineers to deliver scalable and resilient applications that are easy to build and operate. It’s great at runtime.

However, the scale and resilience of an event-driven architecture is offset by the horrendous developer experience.

Temporal and Durable Execution encapsulates most of the complexities of event-driven architecture so that developers can focus on what matters: business logic. The traditional approach of designing these systems around events holds us back and shifting your point of view to execution centered design creates a fundamentally better developer experience.

Many of you love the dev experience allowed by Durable Execution and have already built, deployed and run dozens, and possibly hundreds of Temporal workflows. Many of you see workflows everywhere. Some of you are new to Temporal and see it can be valuable but aren’t sure where to start. In this talk, Max talks through how Temporal can fit into your current architectures and where Durable Execution may be a good fit or not for your applications.

As only Max can, he distills these complex concepts into a more consumable set of primitives that make it fairly simple to understand and explain to your peers. You can view the talk now at our Replay Rewind site, and while you are there maybe check out talks from our product team or some of your peers!