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London Calling, Yes, I Was There, Too

Temporal was absolutely chuffed to attend and sponsor the 2023 PHP UK Conference in London England 14-16 February.

Temporal's Booth at PHP UK Conference“The largest dedicated PHP event in Europe, PHP UK welcomes hundreds of leading developers to London for three days of workshops, talks, networking and socials. Join us for an event packed with up-to-date content about PHP development and related technologies in a comfortable and professional setting.”

And since we were in town for the conference, we threw a London based Temporal Community Meetup and met with customers and partners throughout the week.


The conference had a number of amazing talks, but there were a few that stood out to us that we wanted to share with you. The whole conference was recorded, so you can find all talks online if you want to hop around the conference after the fact.

Your Software is Mission Critical

If an autopilot fails, or a weapon system malfunctions, lives can and will be lost. As a result, significant checks, practices and concepts go into designing the software for such systems. But the code we, as developers in a wide range of jobs and fields, write can be just as critical - a delayed benefits submission because of a server error causes somebody to become homeless; a mistake on an immigration system causes a family to be deported; a misrouting of a delivery driver causes a car crash. As developers we should explore the culture around what we build - move fast and break things doesn’t work if you’re dealing with real people’s real lives. Are there lessons of software development, design, project management, that we can learn from “mission critical” software production, and apply to our “normal” development projects that can ultimately save frustration, jobs and even lives in the process?

We built this city… The geographies of software development

As developers we assume the responsibility of planning, architecting, building and maintaining our individual patches of cyberspace. Our codebases are the landscape of our virtual cities and this landscape must be cared for. From the perspective of a geography graduate turned software engineer, let’s explore the parallels that exist between the built environment we inhabit and the virtual environment we are creating.

Diving Into New Technologies: Hacks to Work More Efficiently

Diving Into New Technologies: Hacks to Work More Efficiently

As a Software Developer, we’re expected to inhale new technologies from the latest libraries within PHP 8.2 to performance driven development, from dissecting PHP’s type system to effective code review, from taking over a legacy project to Rapid Application Development practices within Symfony. Throughout the PHP UK Conference, we have touched on several technologies and now we’re inspired to take a deeper dive. This talk is not just for those who want to hack their learning process, but also for managers who want to support their people learning on the job, and further, for mentors who want to supplement their protégé’s learning process.


If you’d like to explore the Temporal PHP SDK, check out the following resources.

The PHP UK Conference Sponsors Room

Upcoming Events

Languages aside, if you’re interested in joining the Temporal community, there are several opportunities to get involved this year.

  • Temporal In Person Community Meetup : Temporal’s Developer Advocates are coming to a place near you for a conference and would like to highlight Temporal’s latest features, incredible customers, and insightful workshops. Keen to join? Want to give a talk? Interested in using an open source engine to eliminate complex error or retry logic, avoid callbacks, and ensure that every workflow you start, completes? Join the group and let us know!
  • Temporal Virtual Flagship Community Meetup : Last Tuesday of every month! We’d especially love to take your questions live. Our community events are recorded and shared on YouTube and Twitter.

Thank You PHP UK Conference

  • Scale 20x Conference : 9-12 March 2023 : SCaLE 20x – the 20th Annual Southern California Linux Expo – will take place in Pasadena, CA. SCaLE is the largest community-run open-source and free software conference in North America. It is held annually in the greater Los Angeles area.
  • QCon London : 27-19 March 2023 : Make the right decisions by uncovering how senior software developers at early adopter companies are adopting emerging trends. Learn the emerging trends. Explore the use cases. Implement the best practices. Attend in-person or online. QCon London international software development conference.
  • DevOxx France : 12-14 April 2023 : Devoxx are annual technology conferences organized by developers for developers around the world.
  • PyCon US : 19-27 April 2023 : At PyCon US 2023, you will find an amazing program filled with pre-conference tutorials and sponsor presentations, 90+ of our community’s best talks, which includes our Charlas track, brilliant keynote speakers, a lively Expo Hall filled with our incredible Sponsors’ booths, and our famed lightning talks on each main conference day. Following the conference days, there are 4 days of sprints that are free and open to the public and offer an opportunity for anyone to collaborate and contribute to a project even if it is their first time.