Join Us for Live Hands-On Temporal Training at Replay


Angela Zhou

Senior Technical Curriculum Developer

At Replay 2022, we debuted Temporal 101 with Go as a live hands-on workshop. At Replay 2023, we expanded this to include Temporal 101 and Temporal 102 in Go, Java, and TypeScript.

This year, we’re going even further, offering all of this fundamental training for Go, Java, TypeScript, and Python plus advanced training that goes beyond the basics. We’ve organized this into two tracks, allowing you to select the path that best suits you.

Choose your Own Learning Adventure

If you’re new to Temporal, choose the Developer Fundamentals track for your preferred SDK. This training focuses the foundational skills you’ll need to get started with developing Temporal Applications, such as how to write Workflows and Activities.

If you already have experience developing Temporal applications, choose the Beyond the Basics track, which we offer in Go, Java, and TypeScript. This training delves deeper into Temporal, covering Signals, Queries, error handling, and more.

Developer Fundamentals Workshops

If you’re new to Temporal, sign up for the Developer Fundamentals workshops! These workshops will be offered in Go, Java, Python, and TypeScript. They’re intended for developers who have little or no prior experience with Temporal and will provide the fundamental concepts, tools, and techniques used to build, test, and run applications on the Temporal platform. The content is based on Temporal’s fundamental training courses: Temporal 101: Introducing the Temporal Platform and Temporal 102: Exploring Durable Execution.

You’ll begin by learning about the concept of Durable Execution and our basic architecture of the platform. Next, you’ll use Temporal’s basic building blocks, Workflows and Activities, to develop an application that communicates with an external service. You will then continue by learning how to launch Workflow Executions from both the command line and code, and how to view the progress and result of the execution using the Temporal Web UI.

Throughout these workshops, you’ll explore key concepts and best practices. You’ll learn how to develop and run automated tests for your Temporal applications, how to interpret the Event History, and how to debug common problems. Most importantly, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how Temporal works and how to use it effectively.

Beyond the Basics Workshops

The Beyond the Basics Workshops will be offered in Go, Java, and TypeScript. This track is for developers who have completed our foundational Temporal 101 and Temporal 102 training courses. This material is based on our Interacting with Workflows course and exclusive coverage from our upcoming course, Crafting an Error Handling Strategy.

You’ll begin by learning how to make your Workflows more dynamic, reacting to external events that are triggered by other Workflows, by other systems, or by humans. You’ll learn how to use Signals to supply data to Workflow Executions, both new and those already in progress. You’ll also learn how to use a Query to access the state of a running or completed Workflow. Additionally, you’ll learn how to use other Temporal mechanisms for interacting with your applications, including Search Attributes, Cancellations, and Asynchronous Activity Completions.

Your journey continues as you learn how to design and implement effective error handling strategies that map your business logic to the Temporal platform. You’ll explore the nature of different types of failures and investigate the support that Temporal provides for addressing them. You’ll also learn essential concepts and design patterns, such as idempotence, sagas, and heartbeating. They will help you to ensure the correctness and responsiveness of your application.

Get Your Tickets!

Both workshops will run from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM, with an hour-long break for lunch (provided) and short breaks throughout the day.

Space is limited, so don’t delay. Get your tickets today! We hope to see you there!