Doubling Down on Developers

maxim fateev

Maxim Fateev

CTO and Co-Founder

Today, we announced an additional round of funding for Temporal, and while it’s exciting for us, it may be more consequential for you – the Temporal user community – as the additional investment will allow us to deepen our focus on delivery of the platform and tools and content that enable you to more easily build on Temporal. Notably, this capital will allow us to double down on our commitment to make Temporal more approachable, applicable, and available to a wider audience of developers.

Thank you to our growing, vibrant community

Since we started Temporal over three years ago, we have watched the open source community grow steadily around 10-15% month over month. We’ve also seen a huge increase in engagement in our Slack community and met a lot of you at in-person (and virtual) events.

Last fall, we hosted our first of our annual developer conference, Replay, which attracted over 300 attendees in person. The conversations were great, and we were excited that several Temporal users and customers, such as Datadog, Yum Brands, and Netflix, shared their experiences and insights about their use of Temporal. Today, we’ve announced the dates and place for Replay’s second year and opened up the Replay 2023 CFP. We would love for you to submit your Temporal story or just join us for the event.

Ultimately, we are grateful for the positive and constructive feedback we’ve received from our community. It is incredibly helpful for us as we try to get Temporal to be just “right” for every developer, not just all of you early adopters.

Making Temporal Approachable and Applicable

Our team spends a lot of time thinking about how we can make Temporal even more accessible and easier for you to adopt.

We’ve upgraded the developer experience. We completely revamped the web UI and continue to add new usability improvements and actions you can perform from the UI. We’ve added new programming abstractions that make it easier to schedule future or periodic workflows and that support low-latency interactions with running workflows. We’re hard at work at providing additional ways to manage and deploy versions of your Temporal services.

We recently released our Python SDK as GA, and the .NET and Ruby SDKs are both in development. This opens up three additional languages to be used with Temporal, alongside Go, Java, PHP, and TypeScript. We want to make the platform available and applicable to whatever you are coding and in whatever language you might use. If you learn through coursework, you can enroll in our first (free) course on Temporal. This is the fourth iteration of a durable execution platform for my co-founder and myself, and it is great to see so many people using it. We really feel that this time around, we are getting the developer experience right.

We have been happy to see support for the Temporal open source project grow and diversify beyond the founding engineering team. Thank you for all the proposal comments, issues, and pull requests this past year, especially Datadog who contributed the Temporalite distribution, now checked into our main branch. Thank you to everyone who’s worked on libraries and add-ons to the Temporal open source project. Thank you to everyone who has helped answer questions and shared advice and support with new community members on our Slack.

We’ve also expanded our developer relations team, headed by Jessica West, with Temporal developer advocates sharing Temporal content, stories, and example apps in many more languages and regions. They are creators and tinkerers, who are focused on helping you more easily adopt Temporal. They also love to travel and would be happy to head out on the road and join a meetup.

Temporal for all the workloads

Temporal will always be open source and freely available as a production-grade platform, and we will continue to make big advances in its programming model, usability, performance, and reliability. We do not just talk open source, we live it. We’ve also heard from many of you that you wanted the reliability and simplicity of programming with Temporal but without the production headaches of running and managing the Temporal server. Six months ago we expanded access to Temporal Cloud, where we now transparently run a global fleet of Temporal servers as a utility delivering a reliable, scalable Temporal namespace as a service. Currently Temporal Cloud is available in 9 regions starting at $0.000025 per action. Everyone from small teams to even the most complex, large enterprise engineering organizations can benefit from Temporal without the burden of managing their own server and persistence.

On behalf of all my fellow Temporalians, thank you for coming along with us on this journey. We are excited about the years ahead and building this project and community together.