Announcing the Temporal Summer Camp 2024 Competition

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Irina Belova & Rob Holland

Product Marketing & Developer Experience Engineer

We are thrilled to announce the Summer Camp 2024 Competition at Temporal Technologies! This year, we are inviting all engineers and enthusiasts to participate in a contest designed to challenge your skills, spark your creativity, and win exciting prizes. We welcome participants of all skill levels to compete.

The Task

Your mission is to create a set of Workflows and Activities using any or all of the Temporal SDKs that output the set of letters A-Z, in any order. You define what “output” means – let your imagination run wild!


Why Participate?

  • It’s fun! Create some smiles :)
  • Explore new ideas, push the boundaries of what’s possible, and experiment with Temporal capabilities.
  • Engage in friendly competition with peers, learn from others, and share your knowledge.
  • Win prizes! Participants are eligible to win tickets to our annual Replay conference in Seattle this fall and exclusive Summer Camp swag.

Ideas to Get You Started

To spark your creativity, Here are some great starting points:

  • Sleep Sort: Implement a sleep sort algorithm using workflows.
  • Races: Create workflows that compete in a virtual race.
  • Chained Workflows: Chain multiple workflows together for complex tasks.
  • Language Switching: Use multiple SDK languages in your workflows.How many can you add!?
  • Error Responses: Flex your error handling muscles. “Signal not defined!?” Show us cool and innovative ways to work with errors.
  • Trigger History Events: Generate specific history events and fetch the history.

We’ve included two simple Go SDK samples in our repository to help you get started: ./race and ./scavenger.

How to Enter

  1. Visit the competition repository on GitHub
  2. Develop Your Workflow. Write your code. Don’t forget to include a basic README explaining how to run your workflow.
  3. Submit your entry using our event participation form. Sadly, PRs without submission forms can’t be considered for the competition prizes
  4. Ensure your README includes a brief description of how your entry works. If your workflow has surprising or unintuitive behavior, feel free to keep the outcome a secret!

Complete rules can be found in the README on GitHub.

Deadline for entries: July 21st. Make sure to submit your code before the deadline to allow time for judging.

Judging Criteria

Our judges will look for:

  • Complexity with a twist: Charmingly pointless complexity. We love charmingly
  • Experimenting with limits: Push Temporal to its limits. It’s okay. We’re durable!
  • Novel outputs: Show us unique and unexpected methods of output.
  • Surprising behaviors: Use Temporal in surprising ways.
  • Using AI: Surprise us with innovative and silly ways to add AI to Temporal
  • Mixing SDK languages: Creative use of multiple SDKs.

Anything that makes us smile or think will work in your favor!


The top 3 winners will receive tickets to the Replay conference in Seattle this September, along with Cool Summer Camp swag.

5 runners-up will also receive Summer Camp swag. All entries meeting our code of conduct will be featured in a blog post announcing the winners in early August.

Join our Community Slack to stay updated on the competition and connect with fellow participants.

Happy Coding!