When we announced our Series B fundraising, we also decided to experiment with live Intro and Q&A sessions for the thousands of developers who would be hearing about us for the first time. We had a blast connecting with many of you individually and your feedback keeps us improving for next time!

We also knew that most of you wouldn’t be able to make it live, so we make a rule of recording it for you to catch up async (Temporal is nothing if not good at async)! Here’s what you missed (full playlist here):

Funding Livestream Q&A

Video: Temporal Series B Livestream

This 50 minute session was the only actual livestream we did, meaning no edits were possible, but it went well thanks to the almost 200 of you that joined us to celebrate our big day.

Topics covered:

  • Recap of Temporal’s explosive 2021
  • Details of Temporal’s Series B, where the money is going, and some behind-the-scenes on the unusual fundraising process
  • Q&A: What kind of engineers is Temporal hiring? What are Temporal’s IPO plans? What’s the status of Temporal UI? What’s the status of the upcoming .NET and Python SDKs?

SDK Intros

We also made intro sessions for each of our first party SDKs:

Each of them are subtly different so you get a “set bonus” if you watch them all:

  • In the Java Intro, we had Dmitry Spikhalskiy, who previously used the Java SDK at Apple and now maintains it, speak for the first time on how he views Temporal in relation to standard Java ecosystem tooling
  • In the Go Intro, we had Chad Retz, language wizard who maintains the Go SDK and is now working on the upcoming Python SDK, talk about his conceptual understanding of the Go SDK
  • In the TypeScript Intro, we were joined by maintainer and SDK team Principal Engineer Roey Berman for a full Q&A on workflow versioning and other hard problems

Business Use Cases and Architecture

Developers primarily experience Temporal via the SDK’s, but we also wanted to boost your application-level and conceptual understanding of Temporal as well.

In a rare event, all three Product leads of Temporal presented about our top use cases for the first time.

Video: Top 3 Use Cases for Temporal

Covering our top 3 usecases:

  • Long running processes (exemplified by Checkr)
  • Business transactions (exemplified by Box)
  • Infrastructure provisioning (exemplified by Datadog)

Our Developer Advocate Dominik Tornow also presented a session on Temporal’s underlying architecture.

All in all, it was a very productive Series B week for us with hopefully a refreshed and updated set of starting points for you to begin your Temporal Journey! Please reach out to me if you have requests for any other content, and join our next monthly Flagship meetup to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in Temporal!